Plug the gaps - plug in SuperAgent

Never miss another call with BigEars SuperAgent.

We can provide after hours, overflow and emergency back-up for your existing call-centre or customer service line.

How SuperAgent works:
How it works

Step 1: We devise a dialogue

Working with your existing call-centre script, we devise and record a dialogue that captures the same information, in the voice of your choosing.

How it works

Step 2: Your customer calls in

SuperAgent is available on your existing call centre number, 24/7, with unlimited capacity!

How it works

Step 3: The call is recorded

SuperAgent guides your customer through the pre-recorded dialogue, recording their answers

How it works

Step 4: The call is transcribed

Our superb in-house team works around the clock (in the UK and NZ) to transcribe the audio to text and escalate when necessary

How it works

Step 5: We do the legwork

SuperAgent does everything a human would do to resolve your customer's issue, including:

  • Inputs data into CRM system
  • Inputs data to database
  • Inputs data to reports
  • Sends targeted reports
  • Email alerts
  • Txt alerts
  • Voice alerts