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How it works

BigEars SuperAgent plugged into a

CRM system

“When I opened the packaging the product was broken I’m so disappointed”

SuperAgent listens, processes and actions

Customer resolution

BigEars annotates and logs the information into your CRM system to ensure your business can respond effectively to your customers 24/7

How it works

BigEars SuperAgent plugged into a

Freight Company

As the owner of a freight business I can’t man the phones 24/7. BigEars SuperAgent acts as my after hours employee

BigEars SuperAgent asks the right questions

Shipped from/Shipped to:
Arrival date/Collection date:
Contact details:

BigEars Super Agent communicates customer request:

  • Txt alert
  • Email alert
  • I can listen to the voice recording
  • The customer voice is transcribed to text and loaded into my database so I can effectively use it to respond to the customer
How it works

BigEars SuperAgent plugged into a


Local Government sends a txt advising third party partners that a sewage pipe has broken at 14 Brooke Street in Sumner, Christchurch

BigEars SuperAgent

  • Receives txt
  • Recognises and validates caller
  • Matches caller ID to relevant third party approved action list
  • Matches logged issues at that location plus relevant area information

BigEars SuperAgent delivers agreed targeted actions:

  • Email and txt alert sent to assigned water quality agent to check local water quality
  • Email and txt alert sent to approved contractor advising them of issue and location
  • Email sent to local government project manager advising issue, actions taken and confirmation of actions taken by third party contractors
  • Information logged in database